The Story

In the spring of 2008 I'd found myself at a crossroads. Bennington and the dance training that had been the heart of my college years had receded in the distance. The community I'd danced with had gone to NYC to find their place in the arts scene. Yet after a winter in the city, I'd known this race was not for me. I'd worked for a year as a teaching intern but that too was behind me, and a relationship begun at that school had died as well. I was at loose ends, searching for my place in the world, unsure who I wanted to be and where I belonged.

A book falling off the shelf, the synchronicity of symbols and the siren song of a place called the Camino was all it took for me to leap. And this leap and the trail on which I landed was my path out and away from the crossroad and forward. This memoir, three years in the making, is the story of my journey, but it is much more than my story. It is the story of an ancient land, of pilgrims and of walking. It is a story of the Camino herself.

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Early Praise for The Trail

"Wow, what a journey. I am in awe of [Elizabeth's] strength, courage, insight and commitment to [her] vision and dreams. [The] writing is beautiful. There were so many turns of a phrase that I lingered over, so deliciously descriptive or deeply poignant. The tale of The Trail carries such raw honesty and depth of character that I was pulled along in your wake with increasing intensity to the end of the world. I would read to the end of a chapter noting to myself that it was time to either go to bed, make dinner or return to the garden after a lunchtime siesta only to find myself launching into the next chapter unable to withdraw from the current I was swept up in." C.B- Alton, NH

"Elizabeth's wonderful book - which I am loving. People around town see me with it and then want one of their own! I was so absorbed in it yesterday that I stumbled out of a cab and dropped it in a puddle (it cleans up well) then, meaning to close my door accidentally opened the driver's ... startling the poor man (he almost asked for a copy, I could tell!). I'm loving this interesting, funny, entertaining book!" J.J.- NYC, NY

"Refreshingly honest, very perceptive on group dynamics people's energy flows, just beautifully written. Traveled right there with [Elizabeth] so much detail and aliveness in the writing all [her] energy just moving in and out of thoughts, feelings, awareness, fears all of it just riding the wave walking the journey. C.B-D- Chatham, NY

"I enjoyed the Trail. I was struck by how many things, thoughts and
feelings we had in common even though I have many years on you. Thank you so much for writing this book and putting yourself out there."
G. H. - Denver CO